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Portal Vs Website

In general, portal is an advanced website system that provides extensive features to support the needs of growing internet users and functionalities.

A business may start with a simple website and it shall require advanced portal solution when its website begin to target heavy traffic with different types of user access for more than just information purpose e.g. extensive information search, effective collaboration, legacy system integration, extensive reporting, better contents and users management, highly scalable and secured internet requirements etc.

Website Portal
  • A set of webpages that are pre-static with all the company information.

    Advanced Content Management System (CMS) , Personalized and Integrated Website
  • A well-known point of access to many different resources , presented in a consistent, integrated and personalized manner.

    Advanced Content Management System (CMS) , Personalized and Integrated Website
  • Focus on website design
  • Focus on design template for CSS standardization and better user experience
  • NO flexibility for web update or Basic CMS
  • Advanced CMS with extensive workflow
  • NO customization allowed
  • Can support theme & templatization for multiple website implementation
  • Can support user authentication & personalization
  • Extended to collaboration feature
  • Plug & play webparts/portlets e.g. blogs, polling, calendar, documents sharing, photo gallery
  • NO system extension allowed
  • Can support integration with external applications through SOA framework
  • Scalable architecture for future expansion and integration
  • No standard framework for security and reliability
  • Highly secured and reliable framework

7 out of 10 customers seeking for website solution are not aware that they can save and achieve more with portal solution. 
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