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Portal Solution Overview


7 out of 10 customers seeking for website solution are not aware that they can save and achieve more with portal solution. 
Talk to an experienced Portal Consultant to get more ideas! 

Portal is not an uncommon word in this internet age. In the IT term,  it is generally referred as a gateway to access to a large volume of information, a centralized system to provide e-business tools, and also a platform for a large group of differerent types of users to share and colloborate on their works or interests, via the internet or intranet network. 

To make it easier to understand, portal can be an advanced website with sophisticated engines and e-services. It is important to understand the difference between portal and website to achieve the best result for your internet solution objectives.

There are various types of portal. It can be a Corporate Portal (corporate websites with extensive features and capabilities), Investors Portal (portal for the investors), E-Business Portal (advanced e-commerce system), B2B or B2C Portal (e-marketplace), Industry Portal (portal with specific industry information offerings and collaboration), Enterprise Portal (employee collaboration portal), E-Learning Portal (knowledge sharing system), Customer Service Portal (e-services targetted for customers) etc.

With more than 13 years of portal solution experience, WEBSE can provide comprehensive portal solution tailored for your business requirements. We provide portal solutions that help your company to deliver a highly-personalized interactive functional site for your end users.

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