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Liferay is the leading Open Source Portal for the right balance of practical functionality, usability, and technical innovation. Liferay Portal looks and works exactly as your business want and need it to with just a few clicks. Each Liferay Portal user is given a set of personal pages that are easy to customize to specific tastes, preferences, and needs which it simplified your work. Liferay also available in Enterprise Version – Liferay Digital experience platforms Build that are tailor-made portals, intranets, websites and connected experiences to serve your customers, partners and employees. Rapidly create new experiences across your customer’s entire journey on a flexible and easily integrated platform. For more information,

Portal Feature

Liferay Portal, written in JAVA, simplifies the development of internal, external, and channel websites--notably those that allow users to login for personalized services or views and those that require a workflow approval process to update content and integrate or aggregate multiple existing services. 


Content Management System

As part of its suite of services, Liferay includes a complete web content management system that enables users to quickly build rich web content using many of the same features as extensive content management systems. Combined with the modular development aspects of a web portal, Liferay allows users to build powerful web pages by combining web content alongside web application portlets, widgets, or gadgets and assigning which pages are accessed or searchable by specific users. 


Collaboration and Social Feature

Liferay takes you to the next step and enables productive discussion around all your collective knowledge. Knowledge Base leverages collaboration functionality to provide a happy medium between centralized and distributed content creation.