With the right and appealing content, you can turn your visitor into customer or communicate within your workplace


Refresh your corporate image/branding

It’s time for a new look to excite your audience

Get more lead

Maximize your portal potential to the fullest, get connected

Know your audience better 

Improve your site visitor using SEO tools

Build your portal that tailored to your business

Every business is unique, so does your portal

What you will get

Form Builder

Drag and drop portlet

Banner Module

News & Announcement

Mobile Responsive

Easy administration

Branch locator

Audit trail

Page template

Content personalization

Multi-sites capabilities

File management


Our Services


  • Easy maintenance
  • Ready for integration
  • Available for any hosting option – robust
  • Consultation during development
  • Provide maintenance & support
  • Creative Design Recommendation – implement UI /UX best practice
  • Customization feature
  • Up to date to latest technology

Our Specialization

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Let us discuss further

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    A business may start with a simple website with just information display and it shall require advanced portal solution when it begin to target heavy traffic with different types of user access and access to many different resources. More sophisticated engines and e-services will required e.g. effective collaboration, integration, extensive reporting, highly scalable and secured internet requirements etc.

    There are various types of portal such as:

    1. Corporate Portal (corporate websites with extensive features and capabilities),
    2. Investors Portal (portal for the investors),
    3. E-Business Portal (advanced e-commerce system),
    4. B2B or B2C Portal (e-marketplace),
    5. Industry Portal (portal with specific industry information offerings and collaboration)
    6. Enterprise Portal (employee collaboration portal)
    7. E-Learning Portal (knowledge sharing system)
    8. Customer Service Portal (e-services targeted for customers)
    9. And any other portal that work online, you name it!